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Q. Is EyeDream the same as other lenses I've heard of called Ortho-K?
Yes – EyeDream is the new name for Ortho-K lenses. The name was changed to better reflect what the lenses do, which is to correct your sight while you sleep / dream!

Q. Do I have too be a certain age to be able to use EyeDream?
No-but if you are over 40 you may still need reading or close work glasses

Q. Are there any side-effects to using EyeDream?
Sometimes you may notice a slight glare from headlights whilst driving at night but this is rare. As with any contact lens there is the small risk of infection, but here a Parley we take every step to ensure you adhere to strict hygiene standards. A strict hygiene regime will minimise this risk to almost zero.

Q. Can anyone with vision problems use EyeDream?
No – there are a number of eye conditions that are not suitable for this kind of treatment. This can all be discussed at the free assessment.

Q. How much will it cost me?
The initial assessment for suitability is free. We need a spectacle prescription to work from that is no more than 3 months old. Or our standard eye examination is £30.00. If you are deemed suitable for EyeDream treatment then we can order the shaping lenses. Once ordered there is a one off fitting fee of £150 to pay (this covers training and up to 4 follow up practice visits), and once your vision is corrected, there is an ongoing monthly payment of £40.00 (This covers 6 monthly replacement lenses and everything you require to care for the lenses. It also covers unlimited aftercare).

Q. What happens if I don't get on with the lenses?
This is unlikely if you have been deemed suitable for the treatment but if you stop wearing the lenses, then your eyes will just slowly revert to the previous prescription. It is a fully reversible procedure.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisifed?
The £150 fitting fee can be used against any other product. Such as contact lenses or spectacles, if after the fitting consultation, you are advised that EyeDream lenses are not suitable for you.

Q. How do I go about getting started on EyeDream?
Just call our office and book in to see one of our practitioners for the free assessment and a regular eye exam if you have not had one within 3 months. It would help if you brought a recent prescription (if you have one) with you to your assessment.

Q. How many hours can I go for without contacts after using the night-time lenses?
Once the vision is corrected fully, you can go the whole day without spectacles or contact lenses. Some patients find that they still have good vision on the second day if they forget to wear the lenses, although it is better to remember to use the lenses nightly to retain perfect vision.

Q. How long does it take for EyeDream to start working if I decide to take it up?
Most of the vision is corrected in the first 10 days, but it can take up to 30 overnight wears to reach the full correction. Initially for the first few days the eyes will not be fully corrected, there is usually a slow regression of the prescription. So you may find that you need to put your spectacles on after lunch etc, although this improves with time.